MAINTENANCE Forklifts and Power pallet trucks

Samag forklifts are designed and built to last longer in time.

By following the right service methods, our trucks can have a life span of over 20 years.

But what are these simple precautions to be implemented to keep your Samag forklift in optimal conditions?


Samag Original Spare Parts

The choice of Samag original spare parts is essential to keep the truck always efficient and safe.

During the design phase, our trucks are studied in detail to ensure optimal operation and often specially designed components are chosen.

Furthermore, the choice of Samag original spare parts allows us, when possible, to Upgrade the truck in terms of components and in time replace the old parts with more advanced spare parts.


Maintenance and scheduled periodic inspection

Forklift maintenance is divided into ordinary and extraordinary periods.

Ordinary maintenance is often underestimated, but besides being a legal obligation it helps to increase the life span of the forklift.

During routine scheduled maintenance, it is necessary to check the general condition of the truck in accordance with the "Use and maintenance" manual supplied with the truck.


Battery Maintenance

The battery is the core of the forklift, a large part of the forklift's value is made up of the battery and therefore the latter must be kept in good condition to allow the best operation possible of the vehicle.

Battery life may vary based on how often it is used, how often it is charged, and how it is charged.

Detailed battery maintenance is recommended to be carried out twice  a year.


These 3 measures described above will allow you to significantly extend the life cycle of your Samag forklift truck.

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