Forklifts: 4 Tips to avoid damage and reduce costs.


Forklifts are fundamental tools and of strategic importance in optimizing company work, which is why they require significant investments that must be protected in time.

To return these investments, it is necessary to maintain an optimal state of the forklift truck for as long as possible to increase its life span.


Forklift maintenance: why do it?

Routine maintenance of the forklift is to ensure correct operation and avoid damage or accidents caused by malfunctions.


Standard maintenance of the forklift.

With ordinary maintenance of forklifts, reference is made to all the interventions that must be carried out by competent persons within the foreseen times according to the legal obligations; generally they concern:

  • The state of the forks,
  • The functioning of the braking system,
  • The condition of the wheels,
  • The absence of liquid leaks in the case of forklifts with mechanical parts,
  • The correct functioning of the electronic system,
  • Battery health status,
  • The state of the chains.

In addition to routine maintenance, what are the precautions to be taken when using your forklift to ensure a long and efficient life?

4 tips to avoid heavy damage to your forklift.


Suitable ways of handling

Observe the ways your handling vehicles are used every day.

If there is debris on the floor (wood, plastic, string, glass, etc.), your forklift will face possible major damage.

In addition to any accidents that can occur due to slaloming between objects and skidding, some debris can be harmful to the wheels (if large), to the motor (if they come into contact with moving parts) as well as to the operator himself (if lifted during the usage).


Training of forklift drivers

Knowing the forklift you are driving is essential, which is why it is necessary to train forklift drivers not only in general but also for the correct use of the specific machine.


Do you know what is the most common mistake made by forklift drivers? Bulldozing!

Bulldozing is when the operator pushes the pallets on the floor without lifting them, thus causing damage to the forklift transmission and excessively wearing down the wheels in an irregular way.


Consequence of Bulldozing? Faults and irregular maintenance.


Suitable spare parts

Not all spare parts are the same!

The use of original spare parts or spare parts suitable for the truck guarantee better operation and performance, reducing maintenance costs.

Always refer to the manufacturer or retailers for the choice of your spare parts.


Forklift Battery

Using a quality battery, high performance charger and recharging the forklift battery according to the correct procedures increases its life cycle by approximately 40%.

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