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TM with Platform
TOP20T with protective cabin and camera
TM Semi Inox
SEL-R with retractable mast
MAX 3 with cage equipment
EL with radio-controlled stainless steel forks
Ego inox with manual clamp for drums
Ride-on electronic pallet truck capacity 30.000 kg
TMAX with open fixed platform with capacity 10.000kgs
Transporter truck with high capacities from 15,000 to 20,000 kgs
Tmax coil transporter for different diameters
Stacker for high capacity 15.000kgs at 2m height
Ego Inox Xs pharmaceutical use lithium battery
Galvanised stacker truck
Stainless steel stacker truck with equipment
Stacker truck with FEM forks
Stacker truck with load protection cage
Tow truck with operator in the cabin
Galvanised stacker truck with stainless steel forks
Order picker with triple access cage
Order picker with bilateral forks
Order picker with pallet access
Power pallet truck for print rolls
Container tipping order picker
Power pallet truck with wood surface platform
Stacker truck for rolls
Power pallet truck with loading bed
Power pallet truck for rolls
Ride-on power pallet truck for cars
Stainless steel ride-on power pallet truck with special forks
Order picker with cage
Order picker with rollers
Order picker for picking without forks
High load capacity stacker truck
Stainless steel stacker truck for container tanks
Stainless steel stacker truck with folding forks
Stainless steel stacker truck with scales
Stainless steel stacker truck for pharmaceutical use
AGV stacker truck
Stainless steel stacker truck with wide stabilisers
High load capacity stacker truck with spike
Stacker truck with extendible platform
ISO 3B high load capacity stacker truck
Stacker truck for handling of fruit and vegetables
Stainless steel power pallet truck for pharmaceutical use

SAMAG offers real solutions thanks to the analysis of the customer's needs

Samag has always focused its efforts on the in-depth study of customer’s needs in order to provide customised products designed to be a business investment with real added value.

Thanks to a Team of experts dedicated to the Design and Customisation of forklift trucks, Samag provides forklift trucks designed “ad hoc”, able to meet the needs of the customer without any compromise and to allow the operator to work safely at all times, using equipment with high technological content.

Would you like to create your own customised forklift truck or are you interested in customising one of the trucks in our range?

The forklift trucks (power pallet trucks, stacker trucks, Stainless Steel and order pickers) include special versions with specific equipment and special dimensions are available upon request.





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