The advantages of a customized truck in a warehouse

Choosing a customized forklift is always an excellent solution. It is often not considered that by choosing a customized forklift it is possible to strategically optimize space, save time and money and work in safety, a a very important factor.


How? Let's discover together the advantages of having a customized forklift in your warehouse!


More space

By choosing a forklift designed for your handling needs, it is possible to reduce the space between storage aisles and increase the quantity of goods handled in the same warehouse, thus making your forklift a real long-term investment that allows you to save time and money.



Implementing a basic model with customized equipment offers the possibility of using a single vehicle for multiple operations.

For example, it is possible to have a basic lift truck with personalized equipment (fixed or removable) for "special transpositions" (e.g. cars, cabinets or various equipment) which allows the handling of both classic pallets and loads with different shapes with the same truck and particular dimensions.


Less damage

The Samag team takes care of making to measure the client’s customized forklift, paying particular attention to space and handling needs.

The spaces will no longer adapt to the truck but it will be your Samag machine that will adapt perfectly to the dimensions and needs of your warehouse, facilitating handling movements and thus reducing the possibility of accidental damage to the vehicle or the goods that are being handled.


Are you thinking of adding a customized truck to your fleet? Do you have special handling needs that you cannot solve with a standard forklift?


Contact us at  and we will be happy to evaluate all the customization possibilities with you!

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