Electric steering in forklift trucks

Forklifts are fundamental in the handling of goods. Their function is to lift and move materials of different weights and sizes, which is why their maneouvrability is very important to ensure workplace safety and efficiency in operations. In this context, electric steering is becoming increasingly widespread and important.

  • Ease of use

Thanks to this system, the forklift can be manoeuvred with extreme precision and without much effort.

Operators can control the vehicle's direction of travel very easily, without having to exert excessive physical force.

This means operators can work safer and with less fatigue, which translates into higher productivity.

  • Greater Accuracy

Forklifts can be manoeuvred with greater precision and agility, which is especially important in confined spaces or when working with delicate materials.

In addition, electric steering reduces the risk of damage to goods or infrastructures, ensuring greater control of the vehicle.


  • Positive impact on the environment

electric steering also has a positive impact on the environment by not requiring the use of hydraulic fluids, reducing its environmental impact.


In conclusion, thanks to its ease of use, precision and reduced environmental impact, electric steering is becoming an increasingly widespread and important support for goods handling.


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