Designing a forklift truck: what are the stages?

From the idea, to the project to the realization, let's discover together how a Samag customized forklift is born in this video interview with the design and development team.


What are the design phases in Samag based on the customer's needs?


“Normally the salesman speaks with the customer to understand the real needs as well as the main characteristics of the machine; capacity, load centre and lift height.

They also look at the environment where the truck will be working and try to highlight the critical issues related to the new product that will be created.

If there are any critical issues, these are discussed with the technical department in terms of resistance and stability and then the development of the actual product and therefore the project starts from here. "


From the customer's express need for handling, what are the production phases that lead to production?


"The machine component list and the various drawings come from the technical office and are then passed on to production and to the purchasing office which provides orders to the various suppliers.

When the materials arrive, they are checked and divided according to the component list of the machine that will be processed.

There are various phases carried out: the first phase is the machine tooling department which builds all the customised parts for the machine, then there is the carpentry department which assembles the machine according to the customer's needs and its characteristics. Then we move on to the painting department or to the treatment department reserved for stainless steel machines.

Then the phases of the various assemblies follow one another: the hydraulics, the electrics and the first tests that are carried out on the machine. Finally, in the final part, the machine is finished and checks are made based on the components list and the needs of the customer who ordered the machine.

Once everything is finished, the machine can be shipped. "


What is the added value, in technological / construction terms, of a SAMAG forklift truck


“Generally a customer who chooses to buy a customised truck is a customer who is not satisfied with handling something that already exists. The customised truck allows him to specifically perform the functions he has requested and this certainly gives him guarantees of reliability and then we as a company will carry out specific tests on this type of truck also from a regulations point of view that guarantee the right safety. to those who buy the product. "


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