Customised Forklifts: The Ideal Solution for Long and Bulky Loads.

Load handling has undergone a significant evolution in recent years, with a growing demand for efficient and tailor-made solutions to move long and bulky loads in complete safety.


In this context, Samag stands out as a leading company in the production of customised forklift trucks in normal and stainless steel, designed to handle large capacities and respond to specific customer needs.


Samag offers reliable and high-performance solutions for the transport and movement of various types of materials such as plastic and metal profiles, wooden panels and more.

The main machine model of this category are the 4-way trucks suitable for use in warehouses with limited spaces or narrow aisles. Whether 4-way or multi-directional, standard or with specially tailored attachments these trucks offer a wide range of features and benefits to improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations.


Both for manual picking from shelves and for loading and unloading entire bundles of tubes, profiles, rods or panels, Samag trucks are designed to offer the best handling with maximum visibility and safety.


Thanks to their innovative features and the ability to adapt to specific customer needs, these trucks offer efficiency, safety and productivity to optimize material handling operations.

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